Working Together

 Integrity, Responsibility, Trust, Guidance.

At McWilliams Financial, we believe it is important for you to have a good overall view of the types of experiences you can expect when working with us. From your initial call or visit, to our complimentary appointment services, all of the steps towards working together are based upon helping you achieve your long-term investment solutions.

Our #1 Priority is you!  Your assets are yours, and every decision is made with this priority in mind.  From your very first phone call, to a lasting financial partnership with us, our efforts are focused on getting to know you, and on building an understanding of your priorities.  As a result, we are much better prepared to:

  • Listen to your interests & concerns
  • Ask questions to uncover issues 
  • Evaluate your personal situation
  • Offer constructive guidance
  • Explain the solution(s)
  • Set a proper course
  • Monitor progress

Initial Calls Or Office Visits Are Always Complimentary.  We suggest scheduling an in-office meeting of approximately 45 minutes as a means of introduction.   During this time we will have a chance to get to know one another and to discuss any issues, priorities, or concerns you may have. At the end of the visit we will schedule a more in-depth follow-up meeting to begin to address your specific needs and goals.  In many cases we will offer you our no-cost Client Profile Worksheet to help you better organize your current financial information, and to assist you in explicitly identifying your financial risks and priorities.

In-depth Follow-up Meetings Are Also Complimentary.  Here is where we discuss and review the details and particulars of your financial needs, concerns, investment holdings, estate issues, tax issues, etc. The itinerary during this session is primarily fact-finding in nature, so we encourage you to provide us with a copy of your current investment account statements, as well as any other relevant information pertaining to your finances. Here is where the Client Profile Worksheet can be a useful means of assisting us in understanding your needs and concerns, and our clients have found it to be an insightful tool for them as well. Rest assured, if the complexity of your state of affairs necessitates additional scheduled time for us to gain a thorough understanding of your situation, then any and all additional follow-up meetings during this period are also complimentary.

Setting a Course Of Action.  One of the core values of McWilliams Financial is our ability to present financial strategies and investment terminology in a manner that is clear, straightforward, and comprehensive. Once we have evaluated your situation we will outline one or more possible solutions to meet your needs, and describe the key concepts involved. We will propose a course of action and explain any applicable fees or expenses to implement a plan. By this time you will have had the opportunity to experience our dedication and ability to listen to your interests, to understand your needs and concerns, and to work with you in a professional, yet comfortable manner. We sincerely believe that once you have experienced our service, your expectations of what to expect from a financial services firm will have been set to a new higher level!

Monitor Your Progress.  As your Financial Advisor, we will continue to work with you to review your accounts on a regular basis, and to make recommendations as needed. We make ourselves readily available to all of our clients, and we would encourage you to contact us regarding any of your financially-related issues. Your accounts and your personal information are always kept strictly confidential, as is required by our high standards of responsibility.


Note: Many of the types of investment strategies we implement for our clients can be found on the Services section of this site.